Oliver compositions in performance by various musicians.
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Various artists

Music performed by the Little Giant Chinese Orchestra conducted by Chih-Sheng Chen

Other videos

Trembling Aspen 2

performed by two harpists of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. This work for 2 harps represents a new trance style: the music recycles back on itself in ever-new combinations. You can watch on youtube here.

Excerpt from opera Alternate Visions

performed during the Chants Libres retrospective event in 2011 in Montréal. Forward to 2:05:44 to hear the excerpt. Other great opera excerpts here too from Canadian composers.

Experiments for "Meditation for Barbara" for bowed piano

January 28, 2012 - Oliver has threaded "bows" into the piano strings to experiment and try out passages of a new piano piece he is writing for American pianist Barbara Lieurance. The bows are made of several strands -- from 18 to 36 -- of fishing line. The technique is featured in a challenging 1973 piano work called "Rhapsodies" by Curtis Curtis-Smith, which is one of the other works that Ms. Lieurance will perform in a concerts during 2012 and beyond.