Oliver's "Just Inference" USA performances San Francisco + New York City performance

Oliver’s quadraphonic electroacoustic work Just Inference was performed in the USA on Tom Erbe’s Sweet Thunder Listening Room series at the Sweet Thunder Music Festival in the Fleet Room of the Fort Mason Center, San Franscisco on April 24, 2014. It has also been selected to be performed on concert number 6 of the Circuit Bridges concert series hosted by Vox Novus in New York City, taking place on July 24, 8 pm at Gallery MC. For more details, visit the web page here.

This piece is featured on the earsay DVD-audio disc
Time is Dust. Listen to an excerpt here.
Just Inference was commissioned to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Group of the Electronic Music Studio (GEMS) Ensemble of Montréal – which Oliver co-founded with Claude Schryer and alcides lanza – and was first performed at the Clara Lichenstein Recital Hall on October 23, 2003.

The composer says about the work: “alcides lanza asked former members of the ensemble to create "remix" pieces based on his composition "interferences iii." I remixed two active passages, adding a pulse that reminded me of "Just a Pulse" a work by co-founder Claude Schryer. "Just Inference" is a tribute to the GEMS cofounders and to electracoustic music that gives the drama of the human voice a central role.”