Concert Announcements

Oliver's "Just Inference" USA performances San Francisco + New York City performance

Oliver’s quadraphonic electroacoustic work Just Inference was performed in the USA on Tom Erbe’s Sweet Thunder Listening Room series at the Sweet Thunder Music Festival in the Fleet Room of the Fort Mason Center, San Franscisco on April 24, 2014. It has also been selected to be performed on concert number 6 of the Circuit Bridges concert series hosted by Vox Novus in New York City, taking place on July 24, 8 pm at Gallery MC. For more details, visit the web page here.

This piece is featured on the earsay DVD-audio disc
Time is Dust. Listen to an excerpt here.

Susan Frykberg broadcast on September 4.

Susan Frykberg’s new work - A Day of Hours - can be heard as part of RMIT's Sound Art Exhibition, from the 4th September-19th October, 2013. Read More...

Frykberg at The Australasian Computer Music Conference Auckland July 2011

Susan was active in three areas at this conference, presenting a new work Suffering, for Ableton Live, ritual performers, wii controlled water sounds and poetry; a paper entitled A Preliminary Enquiry into Spiritual, Religious and Sacred Electroacoustic Music and being on a panel discussion with Simon Emmerson and Warren  Burt  on issues in electroacoustic music composition.

New Directions for Frykberg

Let the Art Sing is a group of professional musicians who play a range of instruments from classical to indigenous to electronic, and come together under Susan’s direction to create structured improvisation around high quality art. The philosophy of Let the Art Sing is quite simply to  reveal the ‘songs’ of both the building in which the art is shown, and the artworks that are  there. Let The Art Sing’s first performance was at the Govett-Brewster, New Plymouth NZ in May 2010 and continues this year in various galleries in NZ. The following interview describes the first performance.

The following links describe Let The Art Sing Activities in 2011.

Govett Brewster  Art Gallery- New Plymouth - June.

Frykberg Opening of the Spring Exhibitions @  Govett Brewster Art Gallery: Saturday 10th October 2009

New Plymouth, New Zealand.  Opening Speaker - Johan Pijnappel. Netherlands born art historian/curator based in Mumbai, author of Narratives: Contemporary Art of India. Opening Performance Redaction - Composer Susan Frykberg and clarinettist Urs Signer create broad sweeps of clarinet and electronic sound in a sonic response to Judith Wright's work Conversations. Read More...