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Review by the Vancouver Observer, 2015-09-09
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"With eerie sonic overlays, spoken word, and original music, Flight 182 Meditations makes the 1985 bombing of Air India flight 182 real in ways no amount of archival testimony and documentation can. Poet Renée Sarojini Saklikar’s aunt and uncle were among the dead, so Meditations is also an “exploration into the nature of individual loss found in the midst of collective suffering…”


New release: Flight 182 Meditations


June 3, 2015

Award-winning poet Renée Saklikar and renowned composer John Oliver join forces to create an immersive experience of soundscapes interwoven with poems from Saklikar's long poem children of air india: un/authorized exhibits and interjections. about the bombing of Air India Flight 182. The raw voice of the poet is the instrument for a new sonic journey. This work is being released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the bombing of Air India, June 23, 2015, as a memorial to the dead.

Available in the soundshop.
Poetry available at Harbour Publishing.

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