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our releases have been reviewed online by splendidezine, earwaves, cec contact and in print by Computer Music Journal, Coda, Musicworks among others. Click on album covers to go to the store.
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Harangue 1
“The sound is excellent throughout.” —Computer Music Journal
“… glows with a human beating heart” —Mark Parlett, eContact
“Great label, superb compilation of all new music artists on the label. Highly recommended.” —Earwaves online magazine
“… amazing music…” —George Zahora,
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Harangue 2
"some of the most challenging and rewarding electro-acoustic material available. I unreservedly recommend it..." —George Zahora,
"a great display of international talent and collaboration. earsay has once again produced a compact disc of superb quality and musical interest." Computer Music Journal [No. 28, Vol.1, spring 2004]
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Escape Velocity
“Czink’s composition invites us and sometimes grabs us by the scruff of the ears” —Mark Parlett, eContact
“Czink has achieved an impressive feat.” —George Zahora,
“… chops to burn… ears saturated in music. Intense…” —Coda Magazine
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Astonishing Sense
“… an emotional chisel… sonically expressing something that is inexpressible, and ultimately beyond mere words or music.” —Mark Parlett, eContact
“… primal, cathartic… its frenetic sounds will certainly get your heart racing in short order. All [tracks] are tremendously powerful…” —George Zahora, splendidezine
“… a tour de force in both composition and subject… sumptuous and dynamic sound textures throughout.” —Anna Rubin, Computer Music Journal
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Icicle Blue Avalanche
“… one of the most viscerally dramatic discs I’ve heard in quite a while… huge slabs of extremely solid music” —George Zahora,
“… shimmering bells of guitar, softly growling guitar.” —Andra McCartney, Musicworks
“… most engaging, creating an image of the guitar coming to life via some sorcerer’s apprentice and doing mischief… A most effective and evocative piece.” —Computer Music Journal
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Without Fear
“The evocative strength of ‘Des ombres de la nuit’ on its own is worth finding this record and listening to it.” —François Couture, Délire actuel, CFLX-FM, Sherbrooke (Québec)
“La force évocatrice des "Des ombres de la nuit" vaut à elle seule que vous mettiez la main sur ce disque.”
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Without Fear
"Wonderful textures and sonic structures."
Ralph Hopper, CKCU-FM, Ottawa
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vector alpha
"…high levels of performance mastery… the treatment of sound materials … was sophisticated and effective.”
– Peter Lucas Hulen,
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Structural Damage: live at the Luxe
"Oliver (a master of the guitar), Czink (a pianist of extraordinary energy and power), Schmidt (…incapable of error [on] accordion), & Magnanensi (who manages… beeping gizmos as skillfully as a surgeon)"
– Georgia Straight, April 6-12, 2000
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Into India
“…it is a pleasure to listen to, moving and spiritual beyond the voices of those she recorded.” – Musicworks

“…beautifully crafted compositions, shaped by [Westerkamp’s] ear for melody and large-scale form.”
– Tamara Bernstein, National Post, November 30, 2002
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Double Entendre
“On retiendra encore une fois la haute maîtrise technique de Houle” – La Scena Musicale (Quebec)

“…clarinet guru Houle becomes an entire new music ensemble on this solo CD…his dizzying techniques are wildly successful.”
– Stuart Derdyn, The Province, March 31, 2005
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Krishna’s Flute
“interesting electronic writing and challenging flute parts, utilizing many extended techniques for the flutist…
'…the pieces are very evocative and Anderson plays them with conviction and thoughtfulness creating dramatic sound paintings and telling stories. In fact while I listened I was thinking, “this CD is a compendium of all the sounds you can make with a flute!” These pieces require deep listening, but I think you will enjoy the experience very much.' – The Flute View (USA)

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Time is Dust

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Flight 182 Meditations
"With eerie sonic overlays, spoken word, and original music, Flight 182 Meditations makes the 1985 bombing of Air India flight 182 real in ways no amount of archival testimony and documentation can. – The Vancouver Observer

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