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Astonishing Sense

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  1. - Mother Too
  2. - Insect Life
  3. - Birth/Rebirth Bearing Me
  4. from The Audio Birth Project
  5. - Margaret
  6. - Astonishing Sense...
  7. - I Didn't Think Much About It
  8. - Sue and Kathy Telecompose Across the Country
Mother Too
Insect Life
Birth/Rebirth Bearing Me
Astonishing Sense...
I Didn't Think Much About It
A collection to saturate the senses, Astonishing Sense features exquisite performances by vocalists Kate Hammett-Vaughan and DB Boyko, and violinist Nancy DiNovo, and includes works from Frykberg's moving Audio Birth Project
"a tour de force in both composition and subject... sumptuous and dynamic sound textures throughout."
Anna Rubin, Computer Music Journal Winter 1999
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