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harangue I
various artists

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  1. - shadeless peopled
  2. - Astonishing Sense
  3. - To Lions Gate
  4. - Sere
  5. - Talking Rain
  6. - Copper Flying
shadeless peopled
To Lion's Gate
Talking Rain
evocative electroacoustic works by 6 earsay artists: Andrew Czink (CA), Susan Frykberg (NZ), Damian Keller (AR), Giorgio Magnanensi (IT), John Oliver (CA), and Hildegard Westerkamp (CA). harangue I showcases work that shares a concern for rich, carefully crafted sound and a gutsy, intense sensibility.
"The sound is excellent throughout." Computer Music Journal

"....Great label, superb compilation. Highly recommended."
Earwaves online magazine
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