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harangue II
various artists

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  1. - STRINGendo by Rainer Buerck
  2. - Gently Penetrating by Hildegard Westerkamp
  3. - scintilla by John Oliver
  4. - ..soretes de punta by Damian Keller
  5. - Devour by Andrew Czink
  6. - MU by Andrew Czink & Giorgio Magnanensi
Gently Penetrating
..soretes de punta
fresh evocative electroacoustic works by 6 earsay artists: Rainer Bürck (GR), Andrew Czink (CA), Susan Frykberg (NZ), Damian Keller (AR), Giorgio Magnanensi (IT), John Oliver (CA), and Hildegard Westerkamp (CA).
"some of the most challenging and rewarding electro-acoustic material available. I unreservedly recommend it..."
George Zahora,
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