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Without Fear

music by Rainer Bürck
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  1. - Homage a S... pour S...
  2. - Des Ombres de la Nuit
  3. - STRINGendo
  4. - Improvisation PCV
  5. - Flautando
  6. - ...ohne Schrecken (Without Fear)
All tracks composed and performed by Rainer B├╝rck
Des Ombres de la Nuit
Improvisation PCV
...ohne Schrecken (Without Fear)
A complex sonic tapestry - Without Fear features works for solo instrument and interactive computer electronics, as well as works for "tape" alone. Performances by Miriam Arnold, flute, and Günter Marx, violin, reveal such a close integral relationship between musician and electronics that it truly sounds like extensions of the instruments themselves.
"The evocative strength of "Des ombres de la nuit" on its own is worth finding this record and listening to it."
François Couture,
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