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Double Entendre

Clarinetist François Houle performs music by John Oliver, Giorgio Magnanensi, Paul Dolden and Pierre Boulez
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  1. John Oliver - Dust
  2. Paul Dolden - Resonance #1. In a Bed Where the Moon was Sweating (1993)
  3. Paul Dolden - Revenge of the Repressed. Resonance #2
  4. Giorgio Magnanensi - Come inutile ornamento (2001)
  5. Pierre Boulez - Dialogue de l'ombre double
Come inutile ornamento
Dialogue de l'ombre double
Release date: April 24, 2004
Format: CD
Internationally-acclaimed Vancouver clarinetist performs the music of Pierre Boulez, Paul Dolden, Giorgio Magnanensi, and John Oliver. Houle has taken the idea of Boulez’ “shadow dialogue” as inspiration for a program of works where the sound of his clarinet becomes the core of rich sound textures.

“…clarinet guru Houle becomes an entire new music ensemble on this solo CD…his dizzying techniques are wildly successful.”
Stuart Derdyn, The Province, March 31, 2005
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