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gutsy, new, experimental, electronic music
by composers who carefully craft their sound.
• electronic, interactive, computer music • soundscape • music for live performers

• Contemporary Music • La musique nouvelle • musica nova • Die Neue Musik
• electronic music • musique electroacoustique • musica electroacustica • Elektronische Musik

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Susan Frykberg new web site

Get all the latest information about the activities of composer / sound artist Susan Frykberg at her new web site here.

Hildegard Westerkamp brand new web site

Hildegard Westerkamp has a brand new web site. Learn all about her current and past work.

Andrew Czink performs Torrent, Trickle, an astonishing solo piano work

On Saturday July 7, audiences at Vancouver's Western Front Grand Luxe Theatre were treated to a lecture/presentation by Andrew Czink called "Torrent, Trickle - The Exploratory and the Performative in Doing Music." After a really first-rate explanation of his ideas about the relationship of his deep and long piano experience to improvisation and composition, he gave a stellar performance of this 30-minute work. Read more in this in-depth article at the SFU web site.

Hildegard Westerkamp at Sound Symposium XIX - performances and soundwalk

Hildegard Westerkamp is participating in this year’s Sound Symposium XIX, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, July 5 - 15, 2018, Ten days that will change how your hear the world.

She will be presenting a number of her compositions and conduct a soundwalk in this beautiful place on the Atlantic coast, rain or shine or storm. For more details see

John Oliver appearances on Drone Day

From John Oliver's web site:

I performed at two separate events, and attended a world premiere this past Saturday May 26. I performed on electric guitar, improvisations with artist/singer Carol Sawyer at the New Westminster New Media Gallery, as part of Carol's commentary on the TRACE exhibition. Then I walked down to the Drone Day event in front of the very cool Old Crow Coffee House where I improvised some ambient/drone music on computer, in duo with New West's own Wes Koop, who had a big analog rig. We performed under the huge fire escape (image at left)

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