Damián Keller (Argentina)


Damián Keller is a composer and pianist concerned with sound and perception. He experiments with time structures and sonic materials - “everyday” and environmental sounds - in his music, seeking to discover what it is that makes combinations of sound work for us as music. He studied piano in Argentina and the USA, and composition in Brazil and Canada. He has composed works for orchestra, chamber ensembles and electronic media. Being Argentine, he likes drinking mate and listening to tango.

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About IQ2

"[The works presented at Industrial Ear] encourage a meditation on space, what it really means to be in the moment, and the consequences of our interactions with people, and with machines." Bess Lovejoy, – e.Peak. [No longer online.]

About To Lions Gate

"Damián Keller's track To Lions Gate uses space and pleasantly ominous sounds to create a sprawling portrait of something vast and solid." – Troy Date, Air Force Nun.

earsay CDs

harangue 1
harangue 2
Touch n Go