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Krishna's Flute reviews

Canadian music for flute and electronics performed by Canadian flutist Chenoa Anderson
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'…the pieces are very evocative and Anderson plays them with conviction and thoughtfulness creating dramatic sound paintings and telling stories. In fact while I listened I was thinking, “this CD is a compendium of all the sounds you can make with a flute!” These pieces require deep listening, but I think you will enjoy the experience very much.' – The Flute View, August 2014

"Chenoa Anderson's second collection of new Canadian music for solo flute is a fantastic—and often quite fantastical—survey of what's going on, coast to coast, in this admittedly specialized field. Focusing on works that incorporate an electronic element, either through prerecorded sounds or computer-based processing of the acoustic instrument, it’s a subtle and heady affair and would be best appreciated in a quiet listening environment, or through headphones."
– Musicworks, April 2015